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How can I merge multiple matrix in different size

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I want to merge the attached example file to be a new matrix with a new size as new_matrix(8652*60). I really appreciate any help.

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BobH il 3 Mar 2020
To merge the matrices and end with that size, they all must have the same number of rows.
You haven't suggested what value should be put into the padding rows, but if you can accept 0, simply assigning a value to subscript (8652,end) will auto-fill all intermediate rows with zero
T_2015(8652,end) = 0;
ans =
8652 12
and so on for the other three. From there you can horzcat all five matrices.
T_five = horzcat( T_2015, T_2016, T_2017, T_2018, T_2019 );

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