how to display tick label on colorbar when both ticks and tick labels are stored in form of array. (display name on colorbar)

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I want to display name of city on the color bar, when i am plotting temperature colormap. But my code is not working
temperature_arry=[28 30 32];
city_name_array={"xyz" "abc" "pqr"};
colorbar('Ticks', temperature_arry, 'TickLabels', city_name_arry)

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza il 11 Mar 2020
Set the limits too
temperature_arry=[28 30 32];
city_name_array={"xyz" "abc" "pqr"};
colorbar('Limits', [temperature_arry(1) temperature_arry(end)], ...
'Ticks', temperature_arry, 'TickLabels', city_name_array)


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