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how to plot the time series data with dates showing in x axis

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I can plot time series but I am not able to show exact dates on x axis. I really appreciate anybody can help me. Thanks
Ts = timeseries(Ta);
grid on
grid minor
ylabel('Temperature (\circC)','fontsize',14)
Problem, cannot manage date lable, you can find attached file may show me how it's work.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre il 18 Mar 2020
Modificato: Cris LaPierre il 18 Mar 2020
Convert your dates to the datetime data type. Then, when you plot using the datetime, the date will appear on the axis. You can set the display format of a datetime to show the date however you'd like.
load example.mat
Time = datetime(time,'ConvertFrom',"excel")
You may need to adjust the ConvertFrom datatype. I didn't know, so I just selected a common one.
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