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convert rgb 3D matrix to 2D

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Eldad Habaza
Eldad Habaza on 7 Apr 2020
Answered: SaiDileep Kola on 23 Apr 2020
im working on my final project and in my project im doing image processing using FPGA.
im using matlab to transmit and recieve to the FPGA.
i need to transmit an image matrix data, and due to lack of memory on my Altera i cant send 3 seperate matrices (R,G,B). i need to send 1 matrix that is already calculated the whole RGB values, without going to gray scale. i need the image to stay colourful.
is it possible to do such a thing? or if you have any other ideas.

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SaiDileep Kola
SaiDileep Kola on 23 Apr 2020
Yes, you can proceed with above provided information.

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