How can I make my test find a second function in a neighboring file?

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I inherited some matlab files and I want to write tests for them.
Each file contains multiple function declarations.
It seems like I can only access the top-level function. How do I make tests for the other functions?
(I did the OnRamp course...)
File: toBeTested.m
function value = toBeTested(x)
value = toBeTested2(x) - 1;
function value = toBeTested2(x)
value = x;
File: toBeTestedTest.m
function tests = toBeTestedTest
tests = functiontests(localfunctions);
function setupOnce(~)
addpath .. .
function test1(testCase)
which test1
which toBeTested % this is found...
verifyEqual(testCase, 1, toBeTested(2));
function test2(testCase)
which test2
which toBeTested2 % this says it can't be found :?(
verifyEqual(testCase, 2, toBeTested2(2)); % This fails, with an error
When I open the file in the LiveEditor, it prompts me with a RunTests button.
The test1 passes. test2 fails with:
Error occurred in toBeTestedTest/test2 and it did not run to completion.
Error ID:
Error Details:
Undefined function 'toBeTested2' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Error in toBeTestedTest>test2 (line 18)
verifyEqual(testCase, 2, toBeTested2(2));

Accepted Answer

matquest on 7 Apr 2020
Edited: matquest on 7 Apr 2020
See the accepted answer to this related question: Multiple functions in one .m file, but the upshot is that unfortunately you cannot do what you're trying to.
I actually have been in a similar situation recently and there are two main options that I was able to identify:
  1. Convert the functions to classes. Then you can create a "unit_tests" function that you can call
  2. Change the function that has the same name as the file (e.g., if your file is named "complicated_stuff.m" the function header would look like function output = complicated_stuff([args]) to use varargin. Then do potentially horribly inelegant stuff to check the number of inputs and redirect to a unit_tests function at the bottom.

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