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loading multiple groundtruth .mat files

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Matpar il 13 Apr 2020
Modificato: Stephen23 il 14 Apr 2020
Hi and good day to all,
I have 8 ground truth labelled .mat files from videos done by the matlab labeller.
I am trying to load such and I am uncertain of the next move.
Can a profession assist me please?
I have gotten this far with google, here's my code!
Thank you in advance!!
filenames = {'Beat1GTruth.mat','Beat2GTruth.mat','Fight1GTruth.mat','Fight2GTruth.mat','Shoot1GTruth.mat'...
for kk = 1:numel(filenames)

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Stephen23 il 13 Apr 2020
Modificato: Stephen23 il 13 Apr 2020
Always load into an output variable (which is a scalar structure), e.g.:
F = {'Beat1GTruth.mat', 'Beat2GTruth.mat', 'Fight1GTruth.mat', 'Fight2GTruth.mat', 'Shoot1GTruth.mat', 'Shoot2GTruth.mat', 'Stab1GTruth.mat', 'Stab2GTruth.mat'};
N = numel(F);
C = cell(1,N);
for kk = 1:N
S = load(F{kk}); % load into a structure
% you can do anything with the structure contents, e.g.:
C{kk} = S.somefield; % !!! use an appropriate fieldname !!!
See also:
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Stephen23 il 13 Apr 2020
Modificato: Stephen23 il 14 Apr 2020
You do not appear to be running the complete code from my last comment.
Pease run the complete code that I gave, including the last line:
T = [C{:}];
T will then be a 1xN structure with two fields, it contains all of the data from all of your files.
Matpar il 14 Apr 2020
I did see it and I ran it just as is!! that is what is confusing me!
I got to the step of training the cnn objectdetector but it came back with an error about the groundtruths not being in the right format!!
I am learning and it is fun! but not so much fun when I am stuck and not knowing nor understanding the full processes to move forward!
Please help!
and thank you in advance pal!

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