SVM Error - The first input should be a struct generated by SVMTRAIN

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I am getting error using following code with SVM
SVMStruct1 = svmtrain(data,class,'kernel_function','linear');
class12=svmclassify(SVMStruct1, pdg(:,1:end-1));
Error I get is
??? Error using ==> svmclassify at 53
The first input should be a struct generated by SVMTRAIN.
I dont see a reason why it shouldnt run. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Note: I just tried running the examples from the matlab webpage, but it wont even run. My guess is that somewhere something is corrupt.
Nirmal on 24 Oct 2012
Thank you so much. That command definitely helped, i had two definition of that function. But when I did, get to definition it will take me to the one that I wanted to use but not to the one that it was actually using, which made me think I was using the right one. but that wasnt the case.

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