How to run a simulation with powergui as continuous when the model involves a current measurement unit

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Harini Raghavan
Harini Raghavan on 14 Apr 2020
Commented: Alain Lagarde on 16 Aug 2021
I have modelled a PV array interfaced with a DC DC boost converter circuit. I want to run the simulation with powergui as continuous. My model involves a voltage measurement unit and a current measurement unit, whose help documentation states that they work only when powergui is in phasor mode. I have however seen a model in the matlab help for powergui, with the same component but powergui set to continuous. How do I achieve the same ?
The model also involves a MOSFET switch which gets turned off if the powergui is phasor.

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Answers (2)

Amir Amsyar
Amir Amsyar on 14 Jan 2021
I used MATLAB 2020b version. I want to create a boost converter at the Simulink but I can't find powergui in library browser. When I search 'powergui' at the library browser in Simulink it shows 'no results found for powergui'. Somebody please help me:(


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