Matlab not responding after saving eps figure?

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Razvan on 26 Oct 2012
Hi, I have the latest Matlab version 2012b but I have a problem when I try to save multiple eps figures. Sometimes after the first figure is saved Matlab stops to respond. If I try to save the other figures the save/save as buttons don't work anymore. After 30s-1min sometimes there appear more "save/save as" windows where I have to put the name of the file, but definitely something is not working as it should.
I don't know how exactly to reproduce this bug... I just noticed that sometimes this happens. I only save the figures as eps files but maybe the bug happens with other formats too.. I'll try to make a reproducible example.
Did anyone else notice a similar bug of Matlab 2012b? This never happened in Matlab 2012a for me.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 26 Oct 2012
I haven't noticed this Razvan.
First I might recommend bumping your Java Heap Space up a little bit (I have it at 1000ish on Win7 with 8 and 12gb of RAM) and seeing if that helps.
If it doesn't help, please contact us.
Razvan on 12 Nov 2012
Edited: Razvan on 12 Nov 2012
I've found how to reproduce this bug.
Start a new Matlab window and make any figure, e.g.
Then save the figure in .eps format (or .fig). Then try to save again the figure with save as... from file menu. After this my Matlab 2012b stops to respond... Matlab 2012a works fine if I try this... The same thing happens if I close the figure after I saved it and plot another one and try to save this new one... Very strange...
Any ideas about what to do to get rid of this bug?
Thank you,

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Malcolm Lidierth
Malcolm Lidierth on 13 Nov 2012
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Razvan on 13 Nov 2012
That post sais the bug was fixed in release 2012b. I have a different problem. Matlab becomes unresponsive when I press save as. I can post a short video if nobody saw this bug before.

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