parallel run of multiple neural network using parfor

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I want to run multiple training network using parfor for time reduction.
this one is my code.
but the code does not run even if it does not show any error, i dont know what is the issue.
i want to know the reason behind that.
load magdata
y = con2seq(y);
u = con2seq(u);
parfor i=1:10
d1 = [1:2];
d2 = [1:2];
narx_net = narxnet(d1,d2,10);
narx_net.divideFcn = '';
narx_net.trainParam.min_grad = 1e-10;
[p,Pi,Ai,t] = preparets(narx_net,u,{},y);
narx_net = train(narx_net,p,t,Pi);
yp = sim(narx_net,p,Pi);
e = cell2mat(yp)-cell2mat(t);
% plot(e)
narx_net_closed = closeloop(narx_net);
% view(narx_net)
% view(narx_net_closed)
y1 = y(1700:2600);
u1 = u(1700:2600);
[p1,Pi1,Ai1,t1] = preparets(narx_net_closed,u1,{},y1);
yp1 = narx_net_closed(p1,Pi1,Ai1);
TS = size(t1,2);
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AKHILA GOUDA il 29 Apr 2020
Thank you very much.
Are they run parallelly.
i mean are these 10 neural network trained parallelly.

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