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What is the difference form using TreeBagger and Fitrensemble functions

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Hi, I am wondering what is the difference between (1) and (2).
I am trying to construct a predictive model, and I don't understand if I should get the same results with (1) and (2) or if they are different.
1) template = templateTree('NumVariablesToSample','all','MinLeafSize',5);
ensemble = fitrensemble(X,Y,'Method','Bag','NumLearningCycles',100,'Learners',template);
Ypred_test = predict(ensemble, XTest);
2) ensemble = TreeBagger(100,X,Y,'method','regression','NVarToSample','all','OOBPredictorImportance','on');
Ypred_test = predict(ensemble, XTest);
Thanks for your time.

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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta il 3 Mag 2020
In above case the output model as well as result will be different because both TreeBagger and fitrensemble uses different algorithm for optimization. Tree Bagger uses Node Splitting Rules whereas fitrensemble uses Ensemble Algorithms. So, it is expected the output will be different.
You may choose between the two based on difference mentioned in Comparison of TreeBagger and Bagged Ensembles.

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