Why I get an error when generating a cell array as an output of a simulink function?

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function y = (input,vector)
persistent count
persistent array_3
persistent array_2
persistent array_1
persistent Matrix
if isempty (array_3)
array_3 = cell(1000,2);
%array_3 = cell(repmat({zeros(1,9)}, 100, 1),repmat({zeros(1,9)}, 100, 2));
count = 0;
array_1 = zeros(1,9);
array_2 = zeros(500,16);
Matrix(1:500,1:15)= data;
Matrix(1:500,16)= input;
%Look through the data
peak = find(Matrix(:,16)== 1);
val = length(peak);
if val > 5
Counter = Counter + 1;
array_3{Counter,1} = array_1;
array_3{Counter,2} = array_2;
y = array_3;
Simulink does not have enough information to determine output sizes for this block. If you think the errors below are inaccurate, try specifying types for the block inputs and/or sizes for the block outputs.
Component:MATLAB Function | Category:Coder error
Cell arrays as top-level function outputs are not supported in MATLAB Function Block. Output 'Output' is a cell array.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom il 3 Mag 2020
First, it looks like you ahve a typo... should "Counter" be "count"? But that isn't the reason for the error. I think the problem is that even though your code says the kength of array_3 is 1000, the body of the code can go beyond 1000. Try changing this line to be:
if val > 5 && count < 999


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