find common elements of two arrays

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Saad il 30 Ott 2012
Dear all,
I have two arrays of different size say A(nx1) and B(mx1) where n differs from m. I would like to find the elements of B that are as close as possible to the element of A and display them. How can I do that please? Most of matlab applications I found (equal, ismember, find, etc) they require arrays of the same size which is not my case. Thank you very much for any guidance or advice you could give me

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Chris A
Chris A il 30 Ott 2012
a=[5; 7; 3; 1; 8; 6; 2];
b=[3; 9; 0];
d=repmat(a,1,numel(b)) - repmat(b', numel(a),1);
horzcat(b, a(i)), % Closest elements to b

Matt J
Matt J il 30 Ott 2012
ISMEMBER doesn't require the arguments to be the same size and neither does this.

Daniyal Awan
Daniyal Awan il 30 Ott 2012
Another way. The tolerance is the difference you allow. a must be smaller or equal in length to b. I like circshift, even though for loop can hurt in case of long vectors
function closest(a,b,tolerance)
if (length(a)<=length(b))
a=[a nan*ones(1,length(b)-length(a))];
for shift=1:length(a)
c=[c ; b(abs(b'-circshift(a',shift))<tolerance+1)'];
error('beep..wrong order of input vectors!!')


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