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How to save the enhanced fingerprint images

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please do help i have enhanced the fingerprint images and now i want to save them for matching how i can do this.

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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger il 5 Mag 2020
If you have the image as a matrix, use imwrite. If you have "enhanced" the image by using figure tools (axes, plotting, etc.), use print.
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uma il 15 Mag 2020
Is there any other option to save these images in a folder?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 16 Mag 2020
No, there is no other way to save the images in a folder. No matter which folder you make your current folder, and no matter whether you use a relative path or a complete path, you still end up using imwrite() or equivalent, and you still risk being denied write access.
You need to figure out why it is not permitting you to save in that location.
I have to wonder why you have matlab\myfiles\matlab\myfiles in your path instead of just matlab\myfiles
create_missing = false;
parts = {'C:\', 'Users', 'Dell', 'Desktop', 'python tutorials', 'matlab', 'myfiles', 'matlab', 'myfiles', 'Dataset 2', 'Enhanced images'};
if ~exist(parts{1}, 'dir')
error('You do not have a C: drive. Giving up.');
failed = false;
for K = 2 : length(parts)
thispath = fullfile(parts{1:K});
if exist(thispath, 'dir')
fprintf('Okay we already have directory %s\n', thispath);
elseif create_missing
fprintf('Was able to create missing directory %s\n', thispath);
fprintf('Failed trying to create missing directory %s', thispath);
oldpath = fullfile(parts{1:K-1});
p = fileattrib(oldpath);
fprintf('Attributes of parent directory %s are:\n', oldpath);
failed = true;
fprintf('Directory %s does not exist and you asked that missing directories not be created. Set the variable create_missing to true if you want the directory created\n', thispath);
failed = true;
if failed
fprintf('Some directory not created. Not ready to use\n');
fprintf('Okay, should be ready to use directory %s\n', fullfile(parts{:}) );

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