How can i calculate mean wind direction(in degrees) from 1 minute to 10 minutes?

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Hi everybody, i have a problem, i have a 1 min data of the wind direction(in degrees) of 3 months, but i want the average every 10 minutes of this data.
I have the matlab 2015, so .. i can't use circ.mean.
Can you help me with that, please?
Thank you in advance
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Ana Soph
Ana Soph il 6 Mag 2020
hi, thanks for answering, about your questions...
  1. circ_mean is Mean direction of a sample of circular data (this is what i need)
  2. Yes, is safe to assume that the data definitely starts on an even 10 minute boundary and is definitely every 1 minute
i am waiting your answer, thanks (:

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Ana Soph
Ana Soph il 7 Mag 2020
The final script is:
M = xlsread('Dic2019','Dic2019mat')
ten_minute_avarege = meanangle(reshape(M, 10, []), 'omitnan')
A = ten_minute_avarege';
for i=1:length(A)
if A(i)<0, A(i)=A(i)+360; end
A = A(:,1);
A = reshape(A,144,length(A)/144);
xlswrite('datosexcel1.xlsx', A', 'Hoja1', 'A1')
thanks all! :D
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 6 Mag 2020
If you can be sure that the data starts on a 10-minute boundary and that there is no missing data, then
ten_minute_avarege = mean(reshape(WindData, 10, []), 'omitnan')
If you are sure you have no nan entries, then you can leave out the 'omitnan'
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