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Figures displaying differently in and out of MATLAB

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My figures are displaying differently in and out of MATLAB. I saved an image as an uncompressed TIF: -
and a screenshot after I imported it into Mathematica (shown at actual size): -
and a screenshot of the PDF generated from Mathematica by printing to PDF: -
a screen shot of the actual tif after it was opened in preview is here: -
I've found that I have to make the line thickness really fat so that they're properly visible after they're saved as whatever file type (jpeg, png, tif, uncompressed tif).
Does anyone have any advice or tips on getting there figures to look good i.e. no blurring or pixelation.
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Tom il 4 Nov 2012
Jan Simon - Sorry, I didn't actually know about all of the options - I just thought saving while looking at the figure was the only way of creating a graphic. So to answer you - I used SAVEAS. I now know what the export_fig and print options are, but I'm not sure what the IMWRITE and manually in the menu of the figure are.
My main problem is with blurred images. I usually don't have to print things out physically - just to PDF. I export images from MATLAB then import them into Mathematica and export to PDF from there. I've also tried using Word but the blurring is still there.

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José-Luis il 4 Nov 2012
In order to preserve appearance, you could use a vector graphics format, such as .svg or .eps, instead of .png which is a bitmap.
Also make sure you are using the right renderer if you go the vector graphics route (look at "Selecting a renderer" from the documentation). You should use Painters for vector formats.
How your bitmap looks like depends on a lot of things, the renderer, the resolution, etc... It can be a pain to deal with.
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José-Luis il 5 Nov 2012
Modificato: José-Luis il 5 Nov 2012
They are the same graphs, but the actual image files you get are different. Zoom in the different plots and you might see the difference (pixelation and aliasing in the bitmap renderers, OpenGL and ZBuffer).
The point is to illustrate the differences between the different renderers. figure(1), creates a figure whose handle is the number 1. figure(2) creates a different figure (with handle 2).
Creates a figure whose "Renderer" property is set to "Painters". I'd recommend you read "Figure" and "Figure Properties" from the documentation. You might want to look into the difference between vector graphics and bitmaps.
Tom il 6 Nov 2012
Thank you very much Jose and Jan - much appreciated.

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