Using a learner's variable value in the MATLAB grader reference solution

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I would like to use MATLAB grader for questions where each student in a cohort uses their own numerical values for named variables. I would then like to access their specific value in the reference solution so as to mark their individualised submission. For example:
Question: calculate and provide your unique value of u (using some algorithm that is provided offline), and give the value of m = 1/u
Learner Template:
u =
Reference template
user_u = ????
m = 1/user_u
I am looking for what to put into ???? above. Can anybody help with this? Note that randomized data is not sufficient for my need unless the seed in rng(seed) can be provided by the offline algorithm and shared across the learner and reference spaces (but this is pretty much equivalent to the question above).
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Alfonso da Silva Saavedra
Alfonso da Silva Saavedra on 30 Dec 2022
What I do is parse, in th reference solution, the `solution.m` file, that it's the name of the file that contains the script of the student.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 21 May 2020
Edited: Cris LaPierre on 21 May 2020
In MATLAB Grader, the reference and learner solutions share the same seed. Therefore, it is possible to create a problem that will generate a new number every time it is run, but the same number for the reference and learner solutions. For more details, see my post here.
Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson on 13 Jul 2020
Otherwise, I will take a note of the enhancement request to provide individualized data for learners.

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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson on 13 Jul 2020
By design, MATLAB Grader solutions do not have access to personally identifiable information about students.
If you were to provide a P-coded function that accepts an input in the form of a Student ID that the learner provides in their solution, you could use that ID as an index to look up data from another P-coded file and return any variable you wish. You could reuse such a function in multiple problems, and include a note in your problem description that the student must provide their own Student ID as an input to your custom function at the start of their solution.


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