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How to convert a simscape model like inverter or buck converter to HDL code?

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Is there any solution to generate a simscape model compatible with HDL coder? Or how to use basic simulink block to build a simscape simulation model, for example full bridge inverter or buck converter.

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Zhao Wang
Zhao Wang il 28 Mag 2020
There is a shipped tool called Simscape HDL Workflow Advisor. Using this tool, you should be able to convert your Simscape model to HDL code. The following documentation page provides a good starting point:
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ayoub reffai
ayoub reffai il 4 Mag 2022
hello , i am needing help , i want to know how to link the output of the fullbridge DC to AC to the induction motor , ive used ps to simulink and the goto .. but its wont work

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