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Graphs for differents sheets in excel

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Ana Soph
Ana Soph on 1 Jun 2020
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hi! everybody, i am using the matlab R2019a, and i have a problem, i need to obtain graphs from differents sheets, but also i do an operation (remainder two vectors)
this is my program right now, but the part of the variables is not correct, i need to use this variable for every sheet, so "Ramiro" is diferrent in every sheet and i can obtain a different graph.
I also attach the excel
Thank you so much for your valious time
xlfile = 'RamYPabHumedad.xlsx';
[~, sheets] = xlsfinfo(xlfile);
Datenum = xlsread('RamYPabHumedad.xlsx','ErrJul2018');
Ramiro = Datenum(:,1);
Pablo = Datenum(:,2);
Error1 = Ramiro-Pablo
for sh = sheets %iterate over the sheets
shname = sh{1};
value = xlsread(xlfile, shname);
figure ;
plot(Ramiro, Error1,'.r');
title(sprintf(' %s', shname));

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darova on 14 Jun 2020
Try this

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