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Printing the values on the .csv file

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Ganesh Kini
Ganesh Kini il 8 Giu 2020
Risposto: dpb il 8 Giu 2020
Temperature Condition
40 Cold
60 warm
80 hot and so on (100 values)
I have a query and i am looking for a solution
So we have 3 back-end files where for temperature 40, the condition cold is defined and so on and is defined based on few conditions ( conditions not important )
but while running the code The output that I get is only temperature values. I do not get the condition value from the program, I need to map the temperature to condition somewhere in the program. So when i run the code for whichever temperature it is set( rather we get the output) it should print the Condtion value in the above format
[fid, msg] = fopen('file1.csv', 'wt' );
fprintf (fid1, 'Temperature');
for ...
fprintf (fid, '% 3.0f \ n' , temp)
How do i do that? please help

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dpb il 8 Giu 2020
In your program you'll have to create a table of the names/categories and the breakpoints that is associated with them and then use a lookup to assign the name based on the value. You've not specified the actual logic of the association, is it <=Breakpoint, maybe?
If so, one way would be something like
tBreaks=[40, 60, 80];
% compute/read temperatures here...
The above will need bounding elements to cover the range of possible inputs but gives general idea.

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