ButtonDownFcn in uitable inside uifigure for cell-dependent contextual uimenu

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In uitables from normal figures, I used the ButtonDownFcn property of the uitable to define a contextmenu that depends on the cell/cells on which it is pressed.
Now, I want to use the uitable inside an uifigure... well, I don't really want this (uifigures seem rather restrictive and slow, at least in my experience so far), but it is apparently the only natively supported way to have row-sorting functionalities in the table.
However, an uitable defined inside an uifigure does not have such property...
Is there a way to access this property somehow? In standard, java-based figures, Yair's findjobj code used to allow us finding the java objects behing matlab constructs, thus revealing functionalities that are "hidden"... I wonder if there is some analogous approach for new uifigures?

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