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Does MATLAB Grader allow students to solve problems in multiple ways?

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Some problems could have another correct solution different from the reference one. How will MATLAB Grader respond?

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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson il 16 Giu 2020
MATLAB Grader assessments can be used to check that the contents of variables in the workspace after the solution is run are equivalent to the reference solution, and within optional tolerances that the instructor can set. That means that even though the student may use a different algorithm or approach to solve the problem, they may still arrive at the same result. If it is important that the student solve the problem in the way the instructor intended, coach the student through the steps you want to see in the problem description, provide code scaffolding with intermediate steps, comments and predefined variable names int he learner template. That way, you can check the values of the intermediate step variables, as well as the presence (or absence) of specific functions used in the learner solution.

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