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Can I use MATLAB Grader in timed quizzes or exams?

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How is MATLAB Grader used for timed exercises? Can I restrict access to MATLAB Grader problems using my LMS? Can I restrict access to certain MATLAB Grader problems for specific groups of students?

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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson il 16 Giu 2020
MATLAB Grader supports the use of problems for quizzes and exams, including the timed release of problems to students after a specific date and time. However, if you wish to restrict the access of MATLAB Grader problems to a strict examination window (including the removal of access ot the problems after the examination window has expired) you should use MATLAB Grader in the context of your LMS platform. Typically, the LMS will have many more features used in the conditional/timed access to course content, including restricting access to specific sets of MATLAB Grader problems to student cohorts and groups.
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Francesco Ciriello
Francesco Ciriello il 10 Ago 2020
Hi Jeff, a follow-on question about timed assessment.
Can an instructor configure a timed MATLAB Grader assessment (specifically in Moodle) so that students can start the assessment flexibly?
For example, the instructor sets the assessment to be 50 minutes long. On each student's first access to the assessment, a timer starts and gives the student access to questions for the next 50 minutes.
Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson il 10 Ago 2020
Restricting access to a set of MATLAB Grader problems within a specific window of time can be done in Moodle. This can be done by editing the settings of a Topic. Recall that a Topic is made up of one or more activities. An activity has a one to one relationship with a single MATLAB Grader problem. So in this case, we would change the settings of the topic to apply to all MATLAB Grader problems used for that quiz/exam period.
When editing a topic, towards the bottom of the page there is a "Restrict Access" section. Simply add two "Date" type restrictions, with one specifying the "From" time and the other the "Until" time. Then save the topic settings.
Restrict Access settings of a Topic in Moodle
Once this is configured, any activity you add to this topic, including MATLAB Grader problems, will only be accessible in the window of time that you specify.
There may be other ways of restricting access to activities in Moodle, or whatever LMS you are using. The example above assumes that all students will gain/lose access, but it doesn't exactly fit what you are looking for in terms of a timer starting the moment that student starts their work. I would encourage you to work with your local LMS admin or instructional design support staff to explore those options as well.

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