Replacing row in matrix with previous row depending on condition

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Say I have a matrix:
If a value in any of the rows are -2 the whole row should be replaced by the previous row.
So the result would be:
The matrix consists of 1 million rows, so I'm looking for the fastest method.

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the cyclist
the cyclist il 19 Giu 2020
Here is one way:
while any(A(:)==-2)
rowToReplace = find(any(A==-2,2));
A(rowToReplace,:) = A(rowToReplace-1,:);
This solution could probably made faster by using only logical indices, without the find command, but I felt lazy.
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Oliver Zacho
Oliver Zacho il 19 Giu 2020
Thanks alot, this one does that job in a decent amount of time. Lovely. Have a splendid weekend.
the cyclist
the cyclist il 19 Giu 2020
This is a little faster, in limited testing:
while any(A(:)==-2)
rowToReplace = any(A==-2,2);
A(rowToReplace,:) = A([rowToReplace(2:end); false],:);
The optimized version might depend on the pattern of -2's in the array.

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David Hill
David Hill il 19 Giu 2020
If you have consecutive rows containing -2, you will have to repeat until all the -2 rows have been replaced if that is your goal


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