Convert timetable to m-by-6 matrix

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Oliver Zacho
Oliver Zacho il 20 Giu 2020
Commentato: Oliver Zacho il 20 Giu 2020
Hi, I'm trying to convert a datetime array from this format:
2010-Jan-11 13:08.05
into a m-by-6 matrix with this format:
2010 1 11 13 8 5
I can't wrap my head around how to convert the timetable back to a regular matrix.
In my case, the length of M is around half a million.

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi il 20 Giu 2020
doc hms
doc ymd
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 20 Giu 2020
Rather than calling those two functions separately, just call datevec.
Oliver Zacho
Oliver Zacho il 20 Giu 2020
Okay, thanks :)

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