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Danuanping on 22 Jun 2020
Answered: Danuanping on 23 Jun 2020
I am writing APPdesigner in Matlab2017B.When I debug, it shows 'D:\My_program\register1.mlapp: Can't open file',without anyother warning.
It's on the first line, in the ‘APP Designer-Code View'.
How do I get my code to run again?
When I drag my mlapp file directly into the Command Window,
it shows the Detail:
Error using which
D:\My_program\register1.mlapp: Can't open file.
Error in run (line 55)
pathscript = evalin('caller', strcat('which(''', script, ''')'));
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Jun 2020
Please show the output of
[status, values] = fileattrib('D:\My_program\register1.mlapp')

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Danuanping on 23 Jun 2020
Finally I found out what the problem was!!!!!!!!
I'm sure my code will be fine.So I delete all the comments and the code works again.
We used "IF" in the comment and the compiler will still match it with an "END", which I think is a Buuuuuuuug.
No matter how I modify a comment that starts with an "IF" it doesn't work, even if I put an "END" in the comment.
So I don't think you can comment lines that contain an if in the "MLAPP" file. I'm looking forward to the official fix
So just delete the comments. It works


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