Dynamically reading cursor location

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I am using ginput to select a location within a plot. Is there a function that would allow me to access the current location of the cursor as I move it (before pressing the mouse) and display the coordinates, something like how the current lat/long of the cursor position are displayed on Google Earth?

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 23 Jun 2020
You can use the WindowButtonMotionFcn callback of the figure object. Run the following example
fig = figure();
ax = axes(fig);
fig.WindowButtonMotionFcn = {@mouseMotionCB, ax};
function mouseMotionCB(fig, event, ax_handle)
fprintf('Current Point is %f %f %f\n', ax_handle.CurrentPoint(1,1:3));
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 25 Jun 2020
If you want to use ginput(), then an alternative solution is to use a timer() objects to detect the values. In this case, you do not need to double click the axes object.
fig = figure('Interruptible', 'off');
ax1 = subplot(1,2,1);
ax2 = subplot(1,2,2);
fig.WindowButtonMotionFcn = @(~,~) [];
t = timer('Period', 0.1, 'ExecutionMode', 'fixedRate', 'TimerFcn', {@mouseMotionCB, ax1, ax2});
function mouseMotionCB(fig, event, ax1, ax2)
currentPoint1 = ax1.CurrentPoint(1,1:3);
x1 = currentPoint1(1);
y1 = currentPoint1(2);
if (ax1.XLim(1)<x1)&&(x1<ax1.XLim(2)) && (ax1.YLim(1)<y1)&&(y1<ax1.YLim(2))
fprintf('This is axes 1, Current Point is %f %f %f\n', currentPoint1);
currentPoint2 = ax2.CurrentPoint(1,1:3);
x2 = currentPoint2(1);
y2 = currentPoint2(2);
if (ax2.XLim(1)<x2)&&(x2<ax2.XLim(2)) && (ax2.YLim(1)<y2)&&(y2<ax2.YLim(2))
fprintf('This is axes 2, Current Point is %f %f %f\n', currentPoint2);

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