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float & strip in array from Python to Matlab?

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Adam Agus Kurniawan
Adam Agus Kurniawan il 29 Giu 2020
Commentato: Ameer Hamza il 29 Giu 2020
I had this file "koefisienPolynomialSpectrumPenuh.txt" that contains alot of values on each rows. Now, I want to use this Python code and convert it to the Matlab.
teks = textread('koefisienPolynomialSpectrumPenuh.txt');
Python :
a0 = float(teks[0][6:13].strip())
a1 = float(teks[0][17:26].strip())
a2 = float(teks[0][27:39].strip())
a3 = float(teks[0][40:52].strip())
a4 = float(teks[0][54:].strip())
print a0, a1, a2, a3, a4
The result : 103.686 0.072558 -1.27386e-05 -1.01114e-10 2.53449e-14
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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza il 29 Giu 2020
I don't have R2017a, but on R2020a, textread() automatically loads the data in numeric format. The value of the first row can be seen using
Alternatively, you may also try
teks = load('koefisienPolynomialSpectrumPenuh.txt');

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