Matlab imshow() not showing the image properly

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32sthide il 4 Dic 2012
Commentato: Walter Roberson il 13 Feb 2019
I have a simple code to show an image in Matlab. I use imread() to read it and imshow() to show it. the code it below, and the result in not shown properly. hope someone can help me.
img = imread('/home/samuelpedro/Desktop/API - Projecto/coimbra_aerea.jpg');
figure, imshow(img);
the resulting image is below.
the actual image is below
also, if i choose to save it to file as a new jpg it is saved correctly.
weirdly if i choose to show the axes in the preferences>image processing, it is corrected*
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 13 Feb 2019
There was an image processing preference as to whether the axes Visible property will be set or not. See iptsetprefs()

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 4 Dic 2012
It kind of looks like it's an interlaced file, like a PNG file that's interlaced, but the interlacing is not recognized. Any chance you could post the image so others could try it?
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32sthide il 5 Dic 2012
weirdly if i choose to show the axes in the preferences>image processing, it is corrected

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VENKATESAN il 4 Dic 2012
Your path length looks very big. Don't use hyphen (-) symbol in your folders, instead u can use underscore. Try this.. Because there is a hyphen in your folder API-Projecto. But, it is better if you read the file from the work folder and the imshow will be perfect.
Try this
img = imread('/home/samuelpedro/Desktop/API_Projecto/coimbra_aerea.jpg'); figure, imshow(img);
or the other one
img=imread('coimbra_aerea.jpg'); figure, imshow(img); imwrite(img, 'coimbra_aerea.jpg', 'jpg');
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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 4 Dic 2012
This won't matter. I would guess it is some graphics driver isolated specifically to your machine.

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UJJWAL il 4 Dic 2012
I would really request you to post the image file so that others could also try it.
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32sthide il 4 Dic 2012
it's not a problem from the image. all my imshow no matter the files is the same.

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