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Does anyone know how to plot 4 different bar graphs on 1 figure? mine erased one bar, can you advice?

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Hi , I have a question on how to plot 4 different bar graphs on 1 figure

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Duijnhouwer il 30 Giu 2020
Modificato: Duijnhouwer il 30 Giu 2020
your values aren't stacked, they are simply plot on top of each other. The cyan values must be to low and don't stick out above the rest, they are occluded.
Plot the stacked bars in one go by making a single matrix of volstrFX and your other Y-variables as in the example in the bar documentation which plots 4 bars with 3 components each.
y = [2 2 3; 2 5 6; 2 8 9; 2 11 12]; % single matrix

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