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Bi directional buck boost converter with simulink and simscape only

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Hello All,
I did design a bi directional circuit in simscape.I used PWM from specialised power system for producing PWM of variable duty cycle.But i see the simulation runs very slowly.When i try increasing the sample time,the circuit functioanlity disappears. How can I increase the speed of my circuit.Kindly help
I'm using ode15s/dasesimscape solver under variable step configuration

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Zhao Wang
Zhao Wang il 4 Lug 2020
Sample time is an intrinsic part of the power electronics circuit model. As a result, it would be difficult to speed up simulation by merely increasing the sample time.
There is an alternative way to achieve a faster simulation by using averaged-value models, which does not simulate the switching behavior. You can use the block in the following link to construct your model:
As mentioned in the link, you can program the block as a buck converter, boost converter, or buck-boost converter by providing the duty cycle. In your model, simply replace the individual component blocks with a single converter block.
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Sushma n
Sushma n il 6 Lug 2020
Hello Zhao Wang. But I see that it is not showing bi - directional behaviour when connected in a circuit
Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi il 6 Lug 2020
Hi Shusma
Have you tried to right click on the converter-> Going to the top on the "simscape" Menu -> Block choices -> Four Switches converter.

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