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What is meant by a "toolbox" in matlab?

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ABTJ on 4 Jul 2020
Commented: ABTJ on 6 Jul 2020
What is meant by "toolbox" in matlab?for example such as signal processing toolbox and image processing toolbox
Is it only combination of different built in and ready made functions?? Matlab apps and GUIs such as fdatool, is also part of any toolbox?
ABTJ on 6 Jul 2020
sorry Rik,but i had confusion

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 4 Jul 2020
A toolbox is a package of functions and/or classes. They provide you with tools, generally for a specific topic (like signal analysis or image processing). There isn't a very strict definition.
Some toolboxes are provided by Mathworks and require a license, others can be downloaded for free from the file exchange.

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