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How to extract one plot from multiple plots?

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Romio il 7 Lug 2020
Commentato: Tony il 13 Lug 2023
If I have subplot of 8 plots, How can I plot, say, the second plot on a seperate figure?
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Tony il 13 Lug 2023
Did you find a way of it?
I am also looking for a way to do it.

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Tommy il 8 Lug 2020
Assuming you have the figure handle, how about something like this?
% setup
f = figure;
for idx = 1:8
ax = subplot(4,2,idx);
plot(ax, rand(5));
clear idx ax
% copy, using only f
N = 2; % number of subplot to copy
f2 = figure;
referenceAx = axes(f2, 'Visible', 'off'); % to steal the Position from
newAx = copyobj(f.Children(end+1-N), f2);
newAx.Position = referenceAx.Position;
Maybe creating the invisible temporary axes is unnecessary, just seemed like an easy way to get the default size. Of course you don't have to reposition the axes at all if you don't want. Or an alternative would be to copy each child of axes #2 to the new set of axes.




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