How do I link my MathWorks account to MATLAB Grader in the LMS Version if my school uses another address for identity management?

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When creating a MathWorks account and using MATLAB Grader at, I noticed I had to initially authenticate via Shibboleth. But within our LMS, Canvas, we’re using a saml based SSO service. We’ve tried to standardise the email address formats used within Canvas so that they all use a standard SSO format for identity managment. I’m just wondering… if Shibboleth was to use a different email address format to the one above, is there any stage within the integrations and their ongoing use where this could clash at all and cause any problems?
I’m hoping this shouldn’t cause any issues but it’s more with any historic users of your services using it within Canvas for the first time and expecting to see any historic content (if that’s even possible)?

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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson on 13 Jul 2020
We do have a feature in the LMS version that should accommodate the difference in email addresses.
Connecting directly to websites and logging in will use whatever SSO solution the school has set up, in this case Shibboleth, for accessing MathWorks cloud offerings. That would apply to logging into and would be needed for the LMS Admin to log in there to generate their LTI keys for the MATLAB Grader implementation. This would also impact any instructors that might go to to author content collections, or if they have used the hosted version of MATLAB Grader in the past.
Once the product is implemented in the LMS, the instructors will log in through the LMS, and will use whatever identity management solution the LMS uses. When prompted on the page in the integrated version to link their MathWorks account, the instructor user should use the same email address they use when logging into any other website directly. Instructions are in documentation here:

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