Changing the value of a spinner from another spinner

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Hello all,
I have 2 spinners in my app, spinner1 and spinner2, and I want to change the value of spinner 2 while I am changing the value of spinner1. I have tried several things without luck. The following code describes what I am trying to do.
function spinner1ValueChanging(app, event)
changingValue = event.Value;
app.spinner2ValueChanging(app, event);
Thanks for your help!!
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jonas il 14 Lug 2020
did you try..
app.spinner2.Value = changingValue
Luis Pantin
Luis Pantin il 14 Lug 2020
Yeas I tried that and it worked. Thanks.

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jonas il 14 Lug 2020
I'll just put it here for future reference :)
Like most other objects, the slider is adjusted by changing the value field
app.spinner2.Value = changingValue

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