Creating callbacks to children in menus

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Luis Pantin
Luis Pantin on 16 Jul 2020
Hello All,
I am trying to create the same callback for each of the children in a menu bar. When the function getfile is called, several children are populated to the "Open User Setting menu bar". Now, when I run the app and click one of the children menus, I would like to call the function "settingSelected(app)" and load the file "name" to a struct called var. However, I haven't been able to make the settingSelected function to work.
Any help would be great.
function getfile(app)
files = dir(fullfile('path where I saved files', '*.mat'));
for i = 1:size(files,1)
app.mitem = uimenu(app.OpenUserSettingsMenu,'Text',files(i).name); % creates childrens (with the names of the files inside path) for Open User Settings menu bar
app.mitem.MenuSelectedFcn = @setttingSelected(app,files(i).name)
function settingSelected(app,name)
var = load(name);

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