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I want to generate a matrix that looks like this
matrix=[V0 ,random_number_between_-100_140, a ,(V1) , (V1), random_number_between_-100_140, a ,(V2)]
Where V1=(V0 + random_number_between_-100_140 + a) and V2= (V1+ random_number_between_-100_140 + a)

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig il 18 Dic 2012
Modificato: Matt Fig il 18 Dic 2012
V0 = 10;
a = 5;
V1 = V0 + randi([-100 140]) + a;
V2 = V1 + randi([-100 140]) + a;
matrix = [V0,randi([-100 140]),a,V1,V1,randi([-100 140]),a,V2]

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