How can I use some downloaded function?

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I downloaded some functions files with a script file from Mathworks website. Every time I run this script, it tells me that these function are not recognized. How can I make MATLAB call them as the built-in functions?

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BN il 27 Lug 2020
Modificato: BN il 27 Lug 2020
In order to use downloaded function you can click on the Set Path in the home menu:
And then click on the add folder and choose the folder that contains your desire function; then click save.
Alternatively, you can use this:
addpath D:\whatever_your_function_is
% then
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 27 Lug 2020
Where on the MathWorks website did you download the files? If you downloaded them from the File Exchange, I recommend using the Add-On Explorer to simplify the process of making those files available to MATLAB.


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