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Easier way to remove a response from a response plot (bodeplot, stepplot, etc.)?

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Is there a more convenient way to remove a response from a response plot generated using Control System Toolbox functions? I'm working with Bode diagrams, but this could apply to any response plot. After some digging, the only way I found was to a method in the resppack.bodeplot class called, rmresponse. From trial-and-error, I stumbled on a syntax...
%% Generate a Bode diagram with 2 responses
h = bodeplot(rss(1));
hold on
%% Remove the 1st response
idx = 1; %index of response to delete in the order stored in h.Responses
wave2rm = h.Responses(idx); %handle to response (waveform object)
Even manually selecting the line group and pressing delete does nothing. I can hide the response using the context menu, but I'd rather remove it entirely. I'm always reluctant to rely on undocumented MATLAB features because another user will not be able to search for help. However, in this case, there just isn't much documentation on manipulating graphics produced by the Control System Toolbox.
So I was wondering if I'm missing something? Or if documentation does exist somewhere out there on these Control System Toolbox classes (i.e. resppack, wavepack, etc.)?

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Paul il 1 Ago 2020
Does this do what you want:

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