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How to integrate matlab with a GUI in python

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M. Omer Farooq
M. Omer Farooq il 29 Lug 2020
Risposto: Brian Harris il 1 Mar 2022
So I have made a GUI in python and I have done some simualtions in MATLAB. Now I want the entered values in GUI by the user to pass on to matlab functions. The matlab would run the code and generate some plots. And then I want the plots to be show in GUI that is in python. So can anyone help me on this how to do this in a simple way?
Thank you.
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Jimmy Mejia
Jimmy Mejia il 29 Dic 2020
I was hoping someone would answer this question. I want to do the same thing. Did you find a solution?
Charles Rumberger
Charles Rumberger il 28 Apr 2021
Yes please! App Designer is extremely frustrating to use in my opinion. If you find a way to use MATLAB code with a Python GUI, please let us know.

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Brian Harris
Brian Harris il 1 Mar 2022
You can call matlab from python (with some contraints) via the matlab external engine.
Any plots you create in matlab during the call from python will pop-up you (the same way they do when running matlab natively). Or, you can save the data to plot in a .mat file, you can read that into python:
and plot using a python plotting routine (matplotlib.pyplot typically).
The matlab.engine needs to be installed in your python site-modules
Note: MATLAB R2021B only support python 2.7, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9

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