How to write Code in Matlab function block in simulink?

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Dear all,
I want to solve four equation in matlab function block in simulink.
four equation are
  1. T=(Mf*id);
  2. d(ws)/dt=(10000-T+D(314.15-ws));
  3. Q=(ws*Mf*iq);
  4. d(Mf)/dt=(3000-Q+K(325-V));
Equation are interlink, so, there form a loops. e.g to sole Qs(k) need Mf(k) and to solve Mf(k) need Q(k). And same with T(k) and ws(k), interlink with Mf(k).
So, my question is how to write Code in Matlab function block in simulink to solve this loops?
Ajinkya Sonawane
Ajinkya Sonawane on 8 Aug 2020
Thank for the response
I discretize these derivative terms and pass them into seperate delay block that returns ws and Mf back into MATLAB function block. But it did not work

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Answers (1)

Aman Vyas
Aman Vyas on 11 Aug 2020
Hi Ajinkya,
From the equations it is clear that all of them are interlinked.
You can get started by :
a) Taking two integral blocks, with d(ws)/dt and d(Mf)/dt as input, you will get ws and Mf as output.
b) Since now you have all the variables available, you can directly pass it to the function block with putting in equations in above fashion.
So considering 2 integral blocks with one matlab function will make your task easier overall.
Hope it helps !


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