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How to implement plagiarism check in Matlab?

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ABTJ on 9 Aug 2020
Commented: ABTJ on 17 Aug 2020
I am teaching DSP Lab using Matlab
Now campus is closed due to covid and online exam will be conducted
Is there any ways in Matlab, that help detect plagiarism type of activity
So I can ensure that students don't copy from each other

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 16 Aug 2020
How will you be grading their submissions? If you are grading their code manually, you may be able to spot cheating on your own.
As for a programatic solution, MATLAB does not provide one, and you don't have time to build one. If your institution doesn't already have a license for this type of service, I'd suggest looking into something like MOSS, provided free by Stanford. MOSS = Measure Of Software Similarity.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Aug 2020
There are ways. Search some of the Tags links to the right. For example
You can also search for homework here and see if your question pops up. Often times we'll tag it as homework if it's clearly homework even if the student didn't.
But I think I've heard of third party web sites that check for things like cheating where you submit the answer and it will compare it to similar posts and give some sort of similarity score.

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