Send message or command to BBC Micro Bit

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Essa Alsolami
Essa Alsolami on 11 Aug 2020
plz i desprately need help.
I have created channels on Thingspeak received data like temprature and light sensor, the microbit connected to intenet via ESP266.
what i would like to know is that, could i send messages or commands to micrbit for controlling light ON and OFF? using thingspeak MQTT suscriber or TalkBack. if yes how could that be done ?
Thank you in advance.
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Jason Davies
Jason Davies on 2 Sep 2021
I too would like some help as this is exactly what i am trying to do as well

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 7 Sep 2021
I think MQTT is the best way to acheive this. I havent used a micro bit, but I found some examples showing how to connect to an MQTT broker in a quick search. USe the MQTT doc to find all the appropriate settings.
Use MQTT subscribe to have the device recieve updates sent to the channel, and change the state of the light accordingly.
Use MQTT publish to set the value of the channel to On or OFF.
You can also use the TalkBack API to achieve this functionality.


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