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XPC commands in R2011b Matlab

Asked by Anand
on 3 Jan 2013
Can someone help me with the equivalent commands for xpcexplr and xpcscope in R2011b. I end with an error if I try to use these in R2011b. Also is there a document that specifies the commands for R2011b


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1 Answer

Answer by Davide Ferraro on 3 Jan 2013

The command to open xPC Target Explorer is "xpcexplr" but please note that if you are on Win64 bit architecture you won't be able to open the GUI:
xPC Target Explorer is currently not supported on win64 platform.
If you do not have the command xpcexplr you may check your installation or license.


Thank you very much. That helps a lot.
I have installed 32bit Matlab on a 64bit windows 7 platform. In this case is there a workaround for the functions that we do using xpcexplr. How do we chose/set the compiler that we used to do in the xpcexplr and what is the way to get the scopes since the xpcscope command is obsolete as well.
On: You should find all the command line option to set up xPC without using the Explorer GUI.

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