How to plot a big network showing node ID?

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Benson Gou
Benson Gou on 25 Aug 2020
Edited: Benson Gou on 26 Aug 2020
Dear All,
I used plot to display a bid network with 3000 nodes. But the graph does not show the node ID. I am wondering if it is possible to plot this network with node ID when I zoom in. Here is my code:
s = edge(:,2);
t = edge(:,3);
weights = randi(1,1,length(s));
G = graph(s,t,weights);
figure = plot(G);
title('Display of the Entire Network');
xlabel('From Node ID');
ylabel('To Node ID');
When the network is small (like 20 nodes), the figure shows the node ids; but when the network is big (like 2000), it does not shows the node ids.
Thanks a lot.

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