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Make button down function work for objects inside axes.

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Hi, I have a quick question, I am using the "WindowButtonDownFcn" in order to get the location i clicked inside an axes object, but when i click lets say in a rectangle that is plotted inside the axes i don't get that location. So how can i make this function print the location i clicked inside the axes no matter what it is plotted in it.
Should i use the "WindowButtonDownFcn" in my figure or panel that the axes belong rather than the axes itself? And wouldn't that be a problem as my axes units are set in cm?
Thank you for your time.

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Bilen Oytun Peksel
Bilen Oytun Peksel il 19 Feb 2013
Set hittest off for all the objects on the axis and make sure that axis off is not executed.
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Jan il 19 Feb 2013
Modificato: Jan il 19 Feb 2013
And then use the ButtonDownFcn of the AXES instead of the WindowsButtonDownFcn. Finally the CurrenPoint property of the axes contains the clicked point in data units. So the axes units do not matter. Note that the CurrentPoint is stored as 2 lines as [2x3] matrix. In a 2D view:
P = get(axesHandle, 'CurrentPoint');
x = P(1,1);
y = P(1,2);

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