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Julian day to date

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Daphne PARLIARI il 29 Ago 2020
Hello everyone.
I have a simple (hopefuly) question. In the attached excel file, column C contains year and column D the day of year (e.g. 01/01/2007 is day 1 and 31/12/2007 is day 365).
Is there a way to convert this date type into the format dd-mm-year, with each of the three numbers in separate columns (one for the day, one for the month and one for the year)?
Thank you in advance!

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the cyclist
the cyclist il 29 Ago 2020
Modificato: the cyclist il 29 Ago 2020
Here is one way:
dateTable = readtable('KALAMARIA_2007.xlsx','Range','C:D');
julianDate = datetime(dateTable.YEAR,1,dateTable.JULIANDAY);
julianY = year(julianDate);
julianM = month(julianDate);
julianD = day(julianDate);
Of course, you don't really need to calculate the Julian year again, since it is already available as an input, but I made it for consistency.


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