What is the Project Icon file?

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Roy Goodman
Roy Goodman il 3 Set 2020
Risposto: Roy Goodman il 28 Dic 2020
I am turning a project (lower case p) into a Project (upper case P).
I just noticed a file in the directory called "Icon" although it doesn't appear in the Mac Finder.
What is this? Can I design an icon and put it here? Googling "MATLAB project icon" hasn't been helpful.

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Roy Goodman
Roy Goodman il 28 Dic 2020
Answering my own question:
I'm using a Mac. Any folder on a Mac that has a custom Icon contains a hidden file called "Icon\r" which holds the icon. I have the project in a shared Dropbox folder. Dropbox automatically modifies the folder icon to indicate it is shared. Hence, the Icon file. See here for more details.
If you try to delete this file, Dropbox regenerates it. You can exclude it from the project and from Git source control, but you can't get rid of it as long as the folder is shared.

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