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GUI and user-defined function

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Huy Truong Tan Gia
Huy Truong Tan Gia il 6 Set 2020
Commentato: Mario Malic il 6 Set 2020
Can anyone know what is the problem?
This is the the user-defined function.
This is the GUI. And when I run it, there are errors:

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 6 Set 2020
Define your result as an empty array first. This may resolve your issues, depending on the rest of the code
result = [];
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Rik il 6 Set 2020
elseif can be easier to read. It also allows compound conditions, which can be hard or impossible to create with switch,case.
These characters need to be encoded correctly inside the mlapp file and in the m file. If you aren't using R2020a you really need to be careful about editing, as you need to make sure Matlab saves the file encoded with UTF-8, which it does by default in R2020a, but not before. Many people have lost their é characters in their comments and chars and getting them replaced with questionmarks.
Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 6 Set 2020
Actually, I am one of those people! Thanks for the hint.

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