Create point cloud map from LiDAR point cloud

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Bram Surewaard
Bram Surewaard il 23 Set 2020
Modificato: Superficial il 6 Ott 2020
I am trying to create a point cloud to test my algorithms on as proposed in this example: (odd link due to the example being removed from mathworks)
However I can not get it working and get the following error:
Error using pcregisterndt (line 172)
No valid voxel is found in the fixed point cloud.
Error in helperLidarMapBuilder/updateMap (line 235)
tform = pcregisterndt(this.Moving, this.Fixed, ...
Error in OwnSimulationCode (line 52)
Anybody know how I can get it working? I don't understand the error.

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Superficial il 6 Ott 2020
Modificato: Superficial il 6 Ott 2020
It's saying that the fixed point cloud is not valid. This could be because this.Fixed is not a properly initiated Point Cloud object.
Without an example, it's hard to be sure but you can try:
Can you visualise the clouds using pcshow?
Even better, view them both together:
If the two point clouds are in different coordinates then pcregisterndt will have a hard time joining them.

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